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From: Stuart Stirling

You’ve come to this page because you’ve probably thought about using or your currently use Aweber as your E-Mail Provider.  You’re one of those entrepreneurs that….

Focuses just on the essentials....

Doesn't bother with overly technical details...

Get's Stuff done and doesn't "sweat the samall stuff"

And you start to wonder, Is it possible that I could be missing something?  Could I be more? Could I be doing better?

Aweber Is A Powerful Tool, But...

The fact is that Aweber is just like any other web's constantly undergoing changes

They do what they can to make their service easy to use and so that people don't get overwhelmed...

This means that a lot of the stuff that is really helpful may not be as obvious to somebody that visits the site...

You’re probably wondering, could I be missing some of this "helpful stuff"? Doesn’t all of it matter when email is still such a big part of marketing?

The answer is yes and no. There ARE things that you could do with Aweber that may be a little technical that could have an impact on your business in a really positive way.

But the service is so easy to use that it's possible that you could get started with out knowing them and do just fine, and your customers and clients will be none the wiser.

But once you DO know them, your lists will be more targeted...your messaging more focused and your goals more realizable. There are litle things that you could be doing today to increase your visibility and your open rate and get more pepole to see your offers.

If you could learn that now, would you be interested?

We all know the answer to that question…

Even Veteran Aweber Users Rarely Know All of the Features

Whether you are a veteran Aweber user or a brand new to Aweber email sender, there are lots of little adjustments that you could make to cause a real impact on your email marketing and your communication with customers and clients.

Think of what it would be like to be making a positive impact on your customers every time your send an email. Once you understand the tools in all of the menus and hidden features, you can apply them to any and everything you do in your emails.


Manage Your E-Mail List With Aweber

How To Use Awebers Email Autoresponder To Make Max Profits!

A 2-Part Video Training Course Covering Beginner's & Advanced Tips

Here's exactly what you'll get inside the course:

Part 1. Manage Your E-Mail List With Aweber HD Video Course

 Beginner's Training

What you'll discover in this Video Course:

  • Creating Your Lists
  • Importing Contacts
  • Setting Up Notificaitons
  • Personalizing Your List
  • Code Snippets
  • Confirmation Settings
  • Custom Fields
  • List Automation
  • Reports and Settings
  • Using the Reports Tab
  • Creating Sign Up Forms
  • And Much, Much More...

Part 2. Manage Your E-Mail List With Aweber HD Video Course

 Advanced Training

What you'll discover in this Advanced Video Course:

  • Video #1 Setting Up Your C-Panel E-Mail Address
  • Video #2 E-Mail Services to Pay Attention To
  • Video #3 Testing with
  • Video #4 Setting Up a Dummy List
  • Video #5 Content, Content, Content
  • Video #6 Landing Pages and Bonuses
  • Video #7 Saving Time with Link Cloakers
  • Video #8 Tech: Your SPF Record and DKIM Listings
  • Video #9 Double Vs. Single Opt-In
  • Video #10 List Clearning
  • Video #11 Preview Pane Vs. E-Mailing Unopens
  • Video #12 Engagement and What's In It For Them
  • Video #13 After Purchase E-Mails....


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